Let me create the perfect space that fits your needs, taste and budget.

Stage and Furnish

Studies show that homes listed for sale that are staged by a professional designer sell faster and at a higher sales price.


Color is one of the most critical things that affect the look and feel of a space.  It can be impacted by lighting, furnishings and materials in the space.

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Why Hire a Designer

Whether you are designing a new kitchen, staging your home to sell or just need an updated color palette, you risk loosing a lot by making the wrong choices.  Hiring a trained and licensed interior designer helps you eliminate the frequent and common mistakes homeowners and contractors make when trying to put together or design a space on their own.

It frequently happens where a contractor or homeowner will pick out coordinating materials that look perfect in the showroom or home improvement store.  Once it is installed it tells a completely different story and they are disappointed with the end result they have spent a great deal both time and of money on.

This can be avoided by having a professional who knows how to put together all of the materials, patterns, colors and textures specific to the location, lighting, size, layout and style of the space.





Master Bed Coved Ceiling
Elegant Bathroom