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I grew up in the Pacific Northwest where my father's construction company designed and built beautiful custom homes.  Working on some of his projects as I was growing up allowed me to glean a great deal of construction knowledge from my father which helps me in the design and construction process.

Early on I knew I had a deep love for building and designing.  In my late teens I began making my own bedding, curtains and pillows and redecorating my bedroom on a regular basis.  My parents would come home and find their furniture would be rearranged and accessories moved to different rooms.

I later studied interior design at Bellevue College and in 2001 started my own interior design business in Washington state which I operated until moving to Orange County California in 2014.

Our Approach

My Approach

Each project is unique, just like my clients.  I believe firmly that knowing my clients is imperative to achieving amazing results.  Therefore, I spend a great deal of time understanding my clients by getting to know their preferences, lifestyles, needs and even future life plans.   I work closely with them throughout the entire process from inception to completion.  This results in designs that reflect my clients' personality and lifestyle.

My understanding of each step in the design-build process is unique and results in saving my clients time and money.  Again and again, my clients are pleased with the outcome.

I work solely on referrals so I always do my best to make sure my clients are completely happy with my work.



Our Story