Does Staging your home really make a difference?

When buyers can visualize the product as their home, an offer is made.  According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors "Over 81% of buyers find it easier to visualize the property as their future home when it is staged."

What does it cost to stage a home?

According to Kiplinger magazine "Home sellers spend an average of $1,800 to stage a home, but costs can range from a couple of hundred dollars to $5,000 or more."  The National Association of Realtors reports. "The national median dollar value to stage a home is $675."

Why should I hire an interior designer for my remodel?

Designers are trained to pro-actively solve obstacles and eliminate potential issues in the planning stages that most people overlook.

Designers understand materials and finishes which can prevent you from using the wrong material in an area which can be costly down the road or require a great deal of maintenance.

A designer takes your needs and translates them in to your floor plan and material recommendations.

A good designer can see beyond the "current trends" and ensure your project is timeless allowing the finished product to hold it's appeal and not look "out of date" after just a few years.

A designer is trained to consider all parts of the project to ensure the outcome is cohesive and flows together well.

How can I afford to use a designer, what is it going to cost?

Designers aren't just for the wealthiest portion of the population.  A good designer should be able to work within your budget.

Most designers will charge an hourly rate or a flat fee depending on what the project is.  The rates vary depending on what part of the country you live in.  A good designer won't charge less than $100 per hour.  A common hourly rate in Orange, LA and San Diego counties are between $150-$250/hour.

Commonly you can expect to pay a consultation fee that may range from $150-$350 for 1 to 2 hours.

How do I know if I should pay a flat fee or hourly?

Generally simple projects that may take between 2 and 7 hours of time may be good to use an hourly rate. A more involved project that you expect the designer to plan, draw and manage from start to finish is probably better suited for a flat rate fee.  This is because a designer may charge between $3000 and $10,000 for a bathroom design but spend 30+ hours designing the room,  60+ hours sourcing, researching and ordering materials and fixtures.  After that, the designer will spend significant time over the course of the project working with contractors and installers, conducting site visits, solving unforeseen problems and overseeing the project. This would likely total over 100 hours of time and cost $15,000 or more at an hourly rate of $150.00.

A qualified and experienced designer should be able to give you an idea of how long a project should take to complete.

What does a typical bathroom remodel cost?

The average bathroom remodel cost $11,364 in 2016, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association.  It can be higher or lower depending on the size, complexity, where you live, (Redoing your bathroom will cost you less in the South and more in the West and Northeast) and the materials and fixtures chosen.  Designer fees can be anywhere between 10% and 30% of the cost depending on how much is done.  See my Blog from April for more details about how much a small bathroom remodel will cost.